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Baby Monkey

Current Projects


Caring Communities

Communities are stepping up and providing care and nurturing to animals around them. Join the like minded people in your community and start contributing too. We are building communities and supporting them.

Living Space

This project is solely aimed at creating living spaces and transforming existing living space. 

We work with communities, institutions, groups or individuals for this project. Let us know your interest and we will show up.


Water for all

Aim is to make sure everyone gets access to clean and cool water all the time, through out the year, this we do in collaboration with our partner NGOs and community leaders.


A different kind of approach to adoption. In this approach animals retain their freedom and receive nurturing that they deserve.

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-05 at 2.25.25 PM.


Conscious and more self aware people change the world. Our workshops are meant for people who are willing to inspire others and invite others to the possibility of changing the world

Reflective collars

Reflective collars that glow in night allows motorist to have awareness of moving or resting animal on the road. We plan to procure and put the collar around at least 500+ dogs and cows.

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