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The Team

Just a bunch of idiots who believe this is possible!


A. K. Usmani

Founder, Trustee

Hey Hi,

I am A K Usmani, professionally I am a Para-vet at Cessna lifeline veterinary hospital.

I am someone who loves to be outdoors and meet people and learn. I believe in knowing life and enjoying life to the fullest.  I love animals and there is so much to learn from them. 

Past 7 years of my life have been around animals, rescuing them from difficult places, adoptions, collaborating with NGOs like Let’s Live Together, Bhumi and groups like Bangalore cat squad.  People fondly call me a Cat Man. I am a fitness freak and I don't like to sleep and waste time. I am an early riser and believe using my time constructively. I hope to have a world where animals and people can co-exist with peace and ease.

I am also part of the civil defense quick response team and available in times when the city and animals need me. E.g Covid 19 lockdown, any natural calamity.  I am a volunteer with various govt bodies to spread awareness to youth about smoking, driving etc.

I am a trustee of Green Army force, another NGO which is involved in planting trees and saving the forest.

Lastly I am a practitioner of life transforming Access Consciousness tools and trek leader at MilesToTrek.


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Illustrated White Cats

Priya Alti

Founder, Managing Trustee

Graduate from IIT Delhi, Educator, Healer, Facilitator, Empowerment Trainer

Hello! Hi There!

Thank you for visiting paws and possibilities!


In my growing up years, animals and nature have raised me more than people. I was virtually absent most of the time from my school and family matters. I preferred spending hours looking at the lines of ants carrying food than reading books or watching television. That I felt was too filled with pain and somehow we are imparting that pain onto earth and other living beings.


It was my intense desire as a child to be in the world where all the beings are happy. Some people said, that is crazy and impossible, my animal kingdom and nature said it is possible. It is possible, my heart knows it is possible.


If we choose to live consciously, there will be no place for misery on Earth. All living beings deserve to know that and it is everyone's birthright to have a blissful life. 


Paws and Possibilities is that possibility for me!


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Rajni Gupta, Legal Head

Legal professional with 10+ years of experience in Corporate Legal affairs. I believe in magic, spending time with dogs. Like to  play, feed them and observe and learn from the dogs. Animals heal and nurture us. Hoping more people to contribute to animals and provide them what they truly desire. Lucky to get connected with Priya Alti, love for dogs, cats bring me together with paws and possibilities

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Dinesh K A, Chief Transport Officer

I am a simple man who believes in doing good to others and serving animals. I have been working with A K Usmani for years now and assisted him in many rescues and welfare activities. 

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Vandana Sangameswaran,
Presence & Reach Head

My name is Vandana Sangameshwaran, I am a life coach and believe in conscious change. Since 2015 I have been using dynamic tools that have created extraordinary results for the children, adults and animals I have worked with. I truly love working with animals as it reminds me of what is possible for all of us

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