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Paws and Possibilities

Paws & possibilities is a NGO where "paws" represents all living beings and "possibilities" includes everything that creates a conscious world for us all!


We hope for a conscious world and look at the many ways to have it. We consciously choose not to talk about problems and instead pander the possibility of a solution .

Who are we and what are we creating?

When the idea of P & P was taking root in our head, we were sure of this one thing: let us create a multitude of possibilities. That seed is growing now! Join us as we create a totally different world and transform this reality for all the living beings. 

Consider this

All the living creatures except humans are contributing to the earth.

How can we step up for the future that wish to have?

At p & p, we look at possibilities for the creation of that.

Awareness drives, campaigns, events that direct our energies towards that future is what p & p is about.

Apart from this we also engage in creation of living spaces, community engagements, adoptions, availability of clean water and nutritious food.

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