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Overcome fear of Dogs (Animals)

Updated: May 6, 2021

Animals don't intend to hurt us, they are extremely aware and respond to our energy. Fear in us isn't real, it is merely a limiting point of view.

let us understand fear and where and how it may get implanted.

case 1: As a small kid, you were told by others about a dog or a cat. They may have said that to protect you, to share their point of view, entertain you, threaten you, or stop you from being naughty and getting hurt. Those were just lies, but as a child you thought that was true and now as an adult you are still holding onto that and the fear.

case 2: May be you were very amused when you saw a puppy and exhibited a behavior that was slightly different from your normal and your mother misinterpreted it and called it fear. Then kept programming you to believe that it is fear and you got programmed to believe that it is fear. It could be misapplied and misidentified feeling.

case 3: lets say it was one of those rare days when you were angry or terrified about something else. A dog was around you and sensed your energy, thought your were a threat to his existence and responded to your anger with aggression. That made you conclude that dogs are aggressive.

or other such similar cases when you didn't have complete picture of what happened, untrained you to be around animals.

Generally animals don't react to us, unless provoked or threaten in some way or other. If we let them have their space then they let us have ours. If we just drop our fear about them we can have so much of peace in co existence. Getting out of fear doesn't mean you start petting them and having them on your lap. It just means that their presence doesn't affect you and you can still be in awareness and in your total senses.

Imagine what would you do if you see a snake in your path and your are terrified of them. If you don't have fear, then you can be aware of what needs to be done. Besides by having fear, we actually attract these situations.


A friend of mine was chased by dogs on the streets everyday. She was very troubled by that. When she approached me, I cleared her fear about dogs and educated her about how to be around dogs. Next day when she went through the same street, the dogs didn't bother her. She was free.

You may approach paws and possibilities to help you with that. There are many self help tools available in today's world. We have personally found facing the fear is the greatest way to change it. It is observed that when people spend time with a gentle dog or a kitten, they change.


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