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Few tips for stewards of the earth (Animals supporters)

Updated: May 6, 2021

We realized that we can't create difference in the world unless we drop our judgements. Only if we drop judgements of all kind and look at what works here we can truly create some change.

When we have desire to change this world based on what we think is right and what is wrong, then we have to fight with this reality or align with this reality. We all know that, in that space, change doesn't come with ease.

What if we drop judgements of this world. Wonder what will that create for the world!

Here are few things that we can be aware of.

Work for yourself

Animals don't need us, this planet doesn't need us. If all of the human population vanishes today from this planet, everything is going to work very well, flourish and thrive. It is for our survival and our future generations we need them, we need the plants, we need this planet. Everything on this planet is conscious and contributing, except us. Lets look at whatever work we do with animals and plants from that point of view and be in the question of what can we contribute here?

Empower and not help (We are not superior!)

When we say that they need help or we need to help them to survive, aren't we looking at them as poor little beings, who can't be on their own. Indirectly this perspective we have of them, makes them look at themselves as weak and dependent on us. If we stop projecting this perspective we can look at creating a system that allows them to exists without too much of our intervention.

e.g. there are animal communicators who tell the sharks and dolphins in the ocean to swim as far as possible, some place where they can't be captured by people. Now that is empowerment.

Our judgements have a impact on the world

Whatever we judge makes itself stronger in the world. If we drop our judgements about people who don't align with our idea of co-existence, animal matters, earth matters, tree matters then we will stop wasting our energy on them. That will make it impossible to exists. That way we will have so much more energy available for generation of what we truly want to create in the world.

Let our focus on conscious People!

If only we have conscious people around we will have a different reality on this planet earth. If I was to change something, I also spend time in creating the necessary realization in people. And when I do that, I know that some of them will get it and some of them will not get it ever. That is ok. I am not interested in the later group of people anyway. There are lot of people who are waiting to be found and looking for people like them. Together we can create.

Animals respond to our energy

Peace is the natural state for animals. The only times that gets disturbed is when they have a need (food etc) or they are perceiving negative emotions in our head. It is important to know that they respond to our thoughts, feelings and emotions. If you work with animals, what is in your head matters. It does help to huge degree to clear your head when you work with them.

e.g Dog only barks at people who exhibit fear.

There are videos on net where people have changed a seemingly dangerous situation into something else just by changing their thoughts, energy. e.g ragging elephant controlled by a man.

Practice meditation/practice consciousness

It is quite evident that human realization and consciousness is the need of the hour and it is one of the greatest way we can create change in this world. When more of us choose that, we can change the collective consciousness of the world.

Do whatever works for you. Meditation, Yoga, Access Bars. Do change your reality and by doing so we can change the world. Thank you for choosing this and your contribution matters.


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