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Paws and Possibilities

Paws & possibilities is a NGO where paws represents all living beings and possibilities includes everything that creates a conscious world for all!


We hope for the conscious world and look at many many ways to have that. We consciously choose not to talk about problems and instead be in question

what else is possible here?

Who are we and what are we creating?

When the idea of P & P was seeding in our head, we were sure of this one thing, let us create a spur of possibilities. That seed is growing now! Join us as we create a totally different world and transform this reality for all the living beings.



We transform the way living beings can be around us! What if they can be adopted yet FREE.​

  • We are looking at adoptions by communities, Educational institutes, Govt and Private Organizations. 

  • You provide care. Mostly thats all the need from you.

  • Adoption & Care Support: If you can’t have animals physically living with you then you have the option to provide for them while they are taken care in a different living space created by the NGO. 

  • Support to youth and other animal welfare workers for their adoption work and rehabilitation

Awareness & rights

Humans have been living on this planet and it has been apparent from our actions largely that we think we own the earth. Hello! Let transform this space for all! Everywhere we are taking right of living being away let us give it back to them. 

  • Road Safety

  • Travel policies

  • Parks, Living space and Play Ground for Animals

  • Making people aware of Animal rights and laws


Living space:

When I was young, the walk back from school was full of grass and small ponds. This used to be a hangout place for many stray cows, buffalos and dogs and many other supporting birds and insects. Where are these places now? especially in big cities!


The idea of co-existence of animals and birds and other creatures with us is not accidental. It is part of the ecosystem. In the past few decades this structure is crumbling apart and animals and birds are living on streets, gutters, sewers, or flying out of the city or living spaces to somewhere else. There are many factors to this.

e.g non availability of food, lack of empathy, lack of lack of space and warm living space.

Plantation & Care for trees

Where are the trees that use to feed animals and birds. 

We are bringing back fruit trees and large trees that used to once provide shelter to animals and birds.


Food & Water Support

Moving from garbage to nutrition rich food, muddy water to clean water and easy access to all. With the help of local bodies and communities and young children and youth.

Other activities

  •  Promotion of options, products and services that end the suffering of animals E.g certain kinda Food, Cosmetics, clothing, insecticides, cleaning products 

  • Sensitizing youth and younger generation. Awareness in us leads to possibilities and it is good to start it early. Awareness drives across schools and communities just for kids and youth of the country.

  • Volunteer network building across the city for continuous support and growth

  • partnering with other NGOs for co creation

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